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The Fife and Drum Line

The uniforms for our Fifers and Drummers are adapted from the style of clothing worn by colonial musicians of the Revolutionary War era. Most of the uniform parts have been hand-made by members of the Corps. To minimize the cost to members, the Corps provides instruments and most of the uniform. However, each member is expected to provide a white long sleeve shirt, white pants and black shoes.


  • White pants and shirt
  • Black leggings
  • Lace jabot (what's a jabot?)
  • Blue vest
  • Tricorn hat with Corps cockade
  • Blue wool cape (winter only)
  • Corps windbreaker (optional)


Beginners are provided with a plastic fife. Experienced fifers are encouraged to purchase a McDonough six hole, Bb flat two-piece wood fife.


The drums are the property of the Corps. Beginners are provided with the appropriate drum sticks and a practice pad. Once the instructor considers that the beginner has developed sufficient skill, they will be permitted to play on the drums. The Corps uses both rope-tension Snare and Bass Drums.

Non-line members

In parades and performances, non-line members carry the:

  • Banner
  • Guidon
  • Streamers

The Color Guard

Color Guard - Windsor Fife and Drum Corps

The Color Guard is comprised of the adult members of the Corps. Currently the full Color Guard consists of 13 members plus the Corps commander. The Color Guard follows the Von Steuben manual developed during the Revolutionary War. The Color Guard does not compete but marches with the Corps during all other performances.

The choreographed moves peformed by the Color Guard are based on the regulations of Baron Von Steuben which were officially approved by Congress for the Continental Army on March 29,1779. We are very fortunate to have amongst our ranks an expert on the Baron Von Steuben regulations, Mr. Donald Benner, who donates his time to instruct and advise members of the Corps' Color Guard in the implementation of the regulations. All Color Guard members must be willing to learn and execute these regulations.


The Color Guard uniform follows the traditional colors used by the New England regiments of the Continental Line.

  • Blue regimental coat with white facings and pewter buttons
  • White coverall pants with black leather garters
  • White shirts with black leather stock
  • Red vest with pewter buttons
  • Black cocked hat with white piping and Corps cockade
  • Black cocked hat with gold piping and Corps cockade (Corps Commander)
  • Brass Gorget (Corps Commander)
  • Espontoon (Corps Commander)
  • White linen necessities bag
  • Blue wool cape (winter only)
  • Corps windbreaker (optional)
  • Officer's Sabre



  • Tower Model Brown-Bess Musket
  • Bayonet with leather scabbard and leather sling
  • Wood Cartridge Box with leather cover and linen sling

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Fun Trips

Over the years the Corps has visited Hershey Park; Williamsburg Virginia; Disney World; Mystic Village; and Washington D.C. We have also had many camping trips to Vermont and Upstate N.Y. Periodically the Corps takes its members on "Mystery Rides."

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The music played by the Corps is primarily of the period from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. Members start with the easier street music and progress to the more difficult competition music. Instruction is provided by professional instructors with many years of experience. Each week the members have individual, group and ensemble lessons and they are not permitted to play any song during a performance that does not meet the instructor's approval. Some of the more popular songs played by the Corps include the following.

1 British Grenadiers
2 Yankee Doodle
3 Rally 'Round The Flag
4 Pumpkin Creek
5 Road To Boston
6 York Fusileer's
7 Seven Stars
8 Old Saybrook
9 Gary Owen
10 Battle Hymn
11 Grandfather's Clock
12 Brandywine
13 Just Before The Battle
14 Katy Hill
15 Fifer's Delight
16 Brennan on the Moor

Specialty Music

Slow March 4/4
Amazing Grace
2/4 Southern Medley
Lord Loudon's
National Anthem

Corps Holiday Music

Here Comes Santa Claus
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Jingle Bells
Frosty the Snowman
Silent Night
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Joy to the World

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The Corps meets Thursday evenings at the L. P. Wilson Community Center from 6:00 - 8:30 pm in Room 22.

Map & Directions to Rehearsal Location

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At the rehearsal before a scheduled performance, the Director will issue a bulletin to all Corps members telling them what time to assemble for the performance.

Unless directed to do otherwise the Corps assembles at 35 Warham Street in Windsor, CT, for all performances. At the end of each performance, members are dropped off at the same location.

Map to Performance Assembly Location

Schedule of Performances

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